Nubank Design Team ID

                Visual Identity for the design team of Nubank. The visual expression comes from the vibrant culture of the in-house design organization by embracing the diversity of people and their backgrounds, that together adds up to responsible for a full scope of design demands from one of the most innovative companies in the world.

                Construction lines for the symbol., Logo, . Motion helped dynamic, representing the vibrant culture of the 

studies around the idea of expanding the.

applications a sphere. By distorting 
to amplify the results and dynamic visual expression.

                The visual system plays with the idea of visual expression from the exploration of the , 

In a fast-growing environment, the team was facing the challenges of growing a collaborative and diverse culture to a international design organization (from 16 to 49 designers from all disciplines).

   The distortion of the ring adds depth to the symbol, creating a dynamic logo that implies the illusion of a sphere,
                Conceptually, the typographical ring evokes the idea of gathering. By distorting it, the same it becames sphere adding depth and meaning within the most strict limitations. 

               We created a tool that generates unique versions of the logo to each member of the team. By inputing their birthday and the day they have joined the team to define the X and Y rotation angle of the sphere. 
                Code and Motion gracefully done by Everton Guilherme.


               Cover and spreads for a menu proposal part of our yearly Design offsite collaterals. 
1/1, A3, folded

                Merchandise for our yearly 2-day chapter offsite. The tagless design uses a simple grid as a composition playground. 
                An event where the team gather to celebrate , exchange our learnings and set the next year’s vision.


                The strict design directions helped,rendering only using black and white pixels to extend the indentity expression by following the same strict rules.